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Join us for a week in time devoted to bringing together the very best of our technology, business, and community leaders to inspire and spark a connection that will transform our community and the world.

If you're planning on joining us, pls let us know by selecting any/all of the events below and we will
be in touch with more details shortly. Thanks!



    RE:CONNECT Reconnecting with our regional counties... Bringing the best and brightest together for a live event designed to showcase and share our seven-county tech success stories
    Reworking how we think and do business together… Creating meaningful connections that everyone will benefit from, including business development, hiring and mentoring
    Meet Up and Eat Up! Filling our plates and social calendars with some of our top meet up groups who will be paired with top chefs from around our region
    Reimagining our tech community of the future Experience our local independent studios come together to display a combination of interactive fixtures, art, and VR/AR gaming
    Reacting to create a culture of action Join us at our closing event where we’ll explore building the Community of Tomorrow, and the role technology will play in making it happen.

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Orlando Tech is strengthening the network of regional technology leaders and talent as we continue to build bridges to likeminded communities beyond Central Florida.

We can accomplish this with a progressive vision that focuses on collaboration and inclusiveness, and by creating opportunities across the region for the serendipitous collisions among senior leaders, emerging founders, and independent talent that generate innovation, creative solutions, and growth.

Our member organizations and community partners are joining our network because their leaders believe and assist in achieving this mission. They support the growth of the region’s tech ecosystem by supporting Orlando Tech as an advocate for the tech community that fosters growing connections between established businesses, startups, and the tech workers at the heart of their growth. Thanks to our partners, Orlando Tech is the leading voice for the Central Florida tech community.

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